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The Fundamentals. Social Media Style.

Just a quick post from inside the walls of Eastern Michigan University, kicking-off yet another semester (shout out to my fellow year-round classmates!).

This summer, it’s all about learning the Fundamentals of Social Media, and, clearly, getting fancy with WordPress. I’ll be reading, writing, posting, sharing, hashtagging, mentioning, chatting, tweeting, eating, sleeping, and breathing social media for the next six weeks. What could be better than that? Welcome to 2014.

Social Media


PR Writing (Response #1)

One of my all time favorite cliches is “practice what you preach.” Ironically, I find myself doing a lot more “preaching” than “practicing.”

With that said, as I was responding to a post about being a “beginner blogger,” encouraging the newbie to write regardless of topic or experience, I realized that the link to my very own blog was chalk full of blank space. How hypocritical of me.

Because I wasn’t sure how or where or when to start blogging myself, I didn’t. I wrote one measly post and abandoned my site. What a disgrace to my passion for writing! I need to write, write well, and write often- kind of like, “give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got” (my favorite punchline, FYI).

I decided that because I’ll be responding to writing prompts/posts for my Writing for Public Relations class and want to save my responses anyways, I might as well make a post out of them for future reference (because, why not?).

  • Week #1: “Discuss which forms of writing that you are most excited to learn about, which forms you have the least familiarity with, and which forms you are most comfortable with.”

Written communication and the ability to efficiently disseminate information to the various publics is key for a successful career, not only in public relations, but in any business sector. Almost every text, blog or website that I’ve read pertaining to public relations and “what it takes” to become a successful professional in the field emphasizes the ability to write well. Even public relations professionals that I’ve spoken with have divulged to me the importance of writing effectively in their career each day. Bottom line: know how to write clearly and concisely about anything and everything.

Above all, I’m most eager to learn the professional writing forms in which I have little to no familiarity with, such as copy for brochures and reports. I’m looking forward to sharpening my PR writing skills altogether, becoming more fluent in succinct and informative writing. I’m anxious to become a more effective writer when it comes to writing for media and updating or informing specific audiences. I also like the idea of personal branding, and one of my goals this semester is to create “the brand of me,” by discovering and establishing my voice in my work, especially in blog writing. Because I’ve taken a course in journalism, I’m familiar and comfortable with writing press releases, though I would like to work on perfecting my ability to answer “so what?” and “who cares?”

Of all the writing forms, I have the most experience in writing for social networking and emails, and I spend a significant amount of time reading professional (or semi-professional) writing through numerous social networks (shout out to Twitter and blogging). Overall, I’m looking forward to dedicating my time and effort to practicing and perfecting my skills in all forms of public relations writing.