3 Ways to Boost Your Brand on Social Media

What’s Social Media to Us, the People?

When you think “social media,” what comes to mind? Your Facebook news feed full of ‘likes’ and ‘shares?’ Tweets and followers? Hashtags and Instagram filters?

Social media sites give us information and connectivity at the touch of a button (or scroll of a touchscreen). We, the social media junkies, crave the unfiltered voice and opinion that the social world allows us to share. We have a relentless desire for the anonymity and security we can have, both of which face-to-face communication won’t allow. We want the instantaneous feedback, the collaboration and interaction with the communities and content of our choice.

These are just some of the obvious qualities of social media. Just skimming the surface. Of course, when we look at social media from more than just a personal perspective, we dive into the social network society that has restructured human interaction and communication.


And, What’s Social Media to Them, the Companies?

Social media are more than technology- they’re about building trusted relationships (Simon Collister) . This, especially, is important in the business sector. Social networking is an essential tactic that all companies and brands should be utilizing. A social media strategy will:

  • Build brand recognition
  • Help cultivate a community
  • Offer repeat exposure of a brand
  • Establish authority in a field
  • Build website traffic
  • Put your brand ahead of the curve
  • Give you a competitive edge over competitors

Social media allows businesses to become more engaged, and that’s exactly what consumers are looking for. Potential and existing customers look for social media accounts that stand out from the rest of the competition- companies and brands with accounts that are interactive and engaging. Brands that actively participate in conversations with their customers and listen to their feedback show loyalty and authenticity.

Here’s an awesome article by Even LePage on Social Media Engagement.


3 Ways to Boost Your Brand:

Things Your Company Should Remember on Social Media

  1.  Engage, interact, involve. Your network is your net worth so interacting with people/professionals and communities is crucial. This involvement gives you and your business new opportunities and insight to ideas, competition and consumers’ demands. Engagement allows you to raise brand awareness and attract new customers while growing your audience and building relationships.  It’s all about communication, connectivity and influence.
  2. Listen. Listen to key conversations, on Twitter, blogs, company websites, forums, reviews, etc., and pay attention to the feedback customers are giving (positive AND negative). Listen to the competition, to the thoughts and ideas for new uses or applications of your product/service, and provide acknowledge (if anything), as well as answers, solutions and gratitude.
  3. Customer service is key. Be available and eager to communicate with your audience and consumers. Recognize any questions, concerns, problems/complaints and feedback from stakeholders- this demonstrates that your brand has an interest in their customers and shows a company’s authenticity.

2 responses to “3 Ways to Boost Your Brand on Social Media

  1. When I think of social media, all the essential social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) come to mind but also sites driven about celebrity gossip. Hashtags have become an important part to SM because just like Gina stated in our Twitter chat, “Hashtags unite people and conversation” and also, it helps specific groups to find each other.

    I agree with Simon Collister. It’s so hard to trust/believe people on the internet but like I said in my post, these anonymity sites kind of help that situation because when you’re anonymous, you don’t have to worry about much. When your name is out there, there’s more consequences if you don’t trust your site or your followers.

    I enjoyed this post because it helps me get thinking about my internship next semester.. I will be enhancing NPO’s social media or starting their social media for them. Thanks for informing me and everyone else! I will definitely keep this in mind and I can always come back to this post and familiarize myself with these tactics!

  2. Dana,

    I love hashtags- given they’re used appropriately, of course- because they do unite people and conversation in so many ways.

    True, anonymity can be utilized to a certain extent, but the purpose isn’t really clear to me- and, especially with the ever-evolving technology of today, it’s almost impossible to stay anonymous. Anonymity doesn’t exist in the “social” world.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it- good luck to you with your internship! You’ll do great!

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